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[Bill Bellamy on pre-draft Kobe] I'd never seen anybody in my life do what he was doing in that park, live. I ran to my car, I called all my boys in NY, and said, "Yo, I just seen the next MJ." Nobody believed me.



[–]Wizardszeek215 770 points 17 hours ago

I started watching basketball during MJ's prime, so I missed his early years of learning and adapting. Kobe was the first great I got to follow from start to finish. What a ride it was.


[–][BOS] Larry Bird1975-2050 92 points 14 hours ago

I’ve had the fortune to watch a lot of greats from start to finish. Bird was my first hero worship. Kobe was my favorite player.



[–]klawhileonard 318 points 17 hours ago

Funny cus that’s how 90% of this sub will talk about Tatum and Doncic one day when they learn how to spell “neffew”


[–]chad12341296 216 points 17 hours ago

Maybe Doncic definitely not Tatum


[–]Enelight 252 points 17 hours ago*

Yea, the true once in a generation superstars are people who you have no questions about the moment they hit the league and show their stuff. Tatum is still a lot of "potential" right now.

People like MJ, Kobe, Lebron, they hit the league and they wow'ed everyone right away. Kinda like what Doncic is doing.

Edit: To all the people who are saying Kobe's stats aren't amazing and wasn't until his 3rd year - he wasn't allowed starter minutes (only played 15mpg his rookie season!) until his 3rd year. In his rookie year he was only allowed to play over 30mpg for 4 games. Kobe in those 4 games averaged 18 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assist, 2.25 steals, 1 block. He shot 45% on 13 FGA, 89% FT%, and 32% from 3s.

Read this for some context. He was a badass and destroyed NBA players WHEN HE WAS 15 when he used to play scrims. NBA players couldn't believe he was just a high schooler and not even in college.






[–]Bucksmschley2 185 points 16 hours ago

Giannis is looking like he could be a generational talent right now, and he didn't wow anyone for a while after he came into the league.


[–]guccccibandana 108 points 15 hours ago*

Also Blake Griffin wowed everyone when he came in the league and he definitely isn't a generational talent. And Doncic definitely isn't wowing people like Lebron did. More people are excited for Zion more so than Luka.


[–]malacorn 17 points 16 hours ago

MJ didn't need to adapt. He had 28 PPG 51.5% FG his rookie year. It's because he already had 3 years college ball before, whereas Kobe had none.

Of course MJ improved his skills over the years like 3 pt shooting.



[–]76ersgingerbeardy 253 points 17 hours ago

Here's a story that's told pretty often in the Philadelphia area. b

The year before Kobe was drafted, the Sixers invited him to workouts with prospects for that current year's draft. These were mostly college seniors and juniors playing 3 on 3 with him and he was kicking their ass and more than holding his own. There were and handful of people who didn't know who he was, so you gotta imagine how surprised these 20-22 year olds were when they found out that guy was a local 16 or 17 year old.



[–]InvictaVox 74 points 16 hours ago

Kobe stories I've heard from pre draft:

he held his own against Jerry Stackhouse who was already a Sixer by that time

destroyed Michael Cooper who, though old, could still put the clamps down defensively

Also Kobe was the first guard to really enter the league from high school (prior draftees had all been big men) so no one really wanted to take the chance on him and waste a pick. It was a risk and I don't blame teams for taking safer choices.

He reminds me of Giannis in a lot of ways.









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